i miss you

It’s been 8 months since I last posted. Things have changed…a lot.

We used to spend time talking non-sense and doing crazy stuffs. We used to go out everytime a penny resides our bank account! haha

We used to go anywhere in the world exploring hidden caves, trekking and swimming in the shallow thoughts of ours. Oh! I miss those times. Wish we had more kisses, hand grips, and never-ending hugs.

You just don’t know how much you mean to me, how happy I am everytime when we’re together. I love doing things with you even when it seems we end up doing nothing. I so love watching your face as you sleep all night. I so love to smell your stinky sweat, your sweet perfume as you embrace me. I so love hearing you utter words that might or might not please me. I so love your authority over me, feels like you own me and you would not want others to go near me. I so love the feeling that I belong with you.

Ah! Thank you so much.

Wish we could own the time and spend the rest of our lives together.

I miss you so much! Odio que te quiero así….


Ice – Load – Hush Night

A surprise post-birthday celebration for a friend. There it started. I can still remember his face, that moment I asked him to accompany me to acquire prepaid load. It was like he was shocked that he could not believe I approached him, then whew! we went out. It was an unusual feeling, I know there is something but I can’t figure it out. Only to find out, moment ago he was asked to buy some “ice” and yet he just ignored them(it wasn’t only once when he was asked). That scene alone is a riddle, a mystery that was solved later in an unanticipated way.

I so love it. That night when we were walking looking for available prepaid load. The moment when we had nothing to talk about was so uneasy, it was the first time(i think) we were together just the two of us.

When I told him Imma go home, I know he was shocked – feels like he wanted to keep me from leaving him. Yay! Haha. But really, I didn’t mind that giddy thingy.

Well..I’m not wrong. He’s into me.. Hahaha


When I First Met Him

I can’t exactly remember his face, how he looked like and how he speaks. All I remember is his “funny stupid punchlines” that left a conclusion of who he is. He’s fond of joking(not knowing sometimes he’s below the belt), entertaining people around him and make everyone feel alright.

I never wanted to know him better ’cause I’m afraid he’ll prove me wrong. I know there is something in him that will surely make me crazy. Haha. Stupid, ayt? Anyways, I could say I first met him during my 1st birthday celebration with co-workers/friends. I remember I would not want them to take a picture of him and me but unfortunately, we had. Joke!

I just don’t like it..I’m totally avoiding him. Yet, it was a memorable one.

The Official Meeting

It was July 22 when I accepted him– not just as a boyfriend but also as my older brother, closest friend, honest critic and a partner.

I could not deny the fact that there is something in him that exhilarates me. I know deep inside, I like him. Hahaha! Stupid. That may be the reason I entrust my heart to him knowing life would be complicated – yeah! as what I’m experiencing now.

True that! As they say you have to sacrifice if you really love that person because there is no love if there’s no sacrifice.  But I don’t mind all those creepy stuffs as long as I’m happy, as everyone notices it. It’s just distressing to know that while here I am so happy with what I have now, someone’s in grief.  I can’t imagine I had carried this guilt. Whew! But there’s also a part of me whispering “You deserve it!”. Hahaha